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Couldn’t let this day go by without publicly wishing my big sister, the BEST big sister in the world @_elle_dott a very very special #HAPPYBIRTHDAY You have taught me so much sister and over the past few years we have grown closer and closer together!! I look forward to watching you unleash your greatness on the world!! I couldn’t asked for a better sister to have in my life!! #HAPPYBIRTHDAYSISTER #ILOVEYOUMORETHANWORDSCANSAY

I miss my mentor @monica_wilson :-( The first dance she taught us at the start of #mentorship!! And do I spy @katemmcmahon & @kalynhardman32 in the background?!! Lol My favorite time of the week was Sundays from 6-10 pm!! #Training #Learning #Growing #Confidence #Life #GrowingAsAWoman #UnleashingMySexy Lol Trying to anyway!! #TheBestMentor (at Studio Of Life)

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