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OMG!! Look who was back on the dance floor today. My first time dancing since my knee injury. Happy I can put a little weight on it. Now if I can just fully extend my leg, I think I will be able to do a little more. But I think I may have done a little too much cuz its been hurting every since my class ended!! #ItFeltSoGoodToMoveTho but #WhereIsMyMedication cuz this pain is not it!!

#Repost @evarileanthony Always all in my @beyonce business!! Its starting to piss me off!! This is the absolute truth tho!! People are a trip, they will believe all the negative stuff and rumors but won’t believe the positive or the things she say!! But when you mad bcuz you don’t know that’s when you start making up stuff!! You should know by now that you can’t believe anything you hear about her relationship unless she or Jay announce it!! #peasants #WhyDontYallWantHerToBeHappy #JustLeaveHerAlone #EnjoyWhatSheGivesUs SMH UGH #LoveBeyonceAnyway

Couldn’t let this day go by without publicly wishing my big sister, the BEST big sister in the world @_elle_dott a very very special #HAPPYBIRTHDAY You have taught me so much sister and over the past few years we have grown closer and closer together!! I look forward to watching you unleash your greatness on the world!! I couldn’t asked for a better sister to have in my life!! #HAPPYBIRTHDAYSISTER #ILOVEYOUMORETHANWORDSCANSAY

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